Black Yellow Red


Trunks made from recycled plastic bottles. 90% polyester (65% recycled bottles, 25% regular poly) and 10% Spandex.

Color - Solid black with yellow and red

Inseam - 5.5 inch

Eco Material - Made from Topgreen™, an environmentally friendly material made from recycled (PET) bottles. Certified by the Global Standard and branded the Taiwan Green Mark.

No Liner - No mesh or compression liner...If you don't want to be flexing that 🍆we recommend wearing some type of underwear (especially for colorways with white stripes). Something quick-dry/athletic works best. If you do want to flex your junk, suit yourself.

Stretchy - a touch of spandex to provide a bit of stretch

Split Leg - The split leg gives your legs more room to move around in.

Pockets - Because we hate swimwear without pockets. The front pockets are nice and deep and shaped more like jean front pockets rather than khaki short pockets to prevent objects from falling out. Also has a 😛 back pocket

Loops - Ever wonder what's up with those random loops you see on your waistband? Well these have some of can throw your shades on there or clip on your keychain for safe-keeping.