A few things are concurrently true: 

  • Plastic waste is a huge global issue
  • Many single-use plastics are not properly recycled. This hurts the ocean, the world (cough, cough, global issue), and the people that live on it (hey, that's you! probably at least) 
  • Swimwear and most water proof materials are made of synthetics (polyesters or nylons)...these are plastics
  • Clothing using synthetic materials can shed micro-plastics in the washer which can eventually work their way into the ocean.
  • For waterproof items there aren't currently many better options than synthetics
  • A swimsuit using recycled plastics is better than using virgin plastics (that means newly created plastics)
  • We make trunks from recycled bottles. So do some other brands. 
  • Your swimsuit being made from recycled bottles isn't going to save the world, but it's better than the virgin alternative 

Sustainable materials and making shit from recycled bottles is a cute way to sell stuff and a few other brands are doing it as well, but if you zoom out a little, most of this is barely a drop in the bucket. There are a ton of brands out there acting like they're saving the world and the oceans by making a few shorts out of recycled bottles. Gimmicks like this are cute but using a few bottles (that were already recycled) in shorts doesn't really help correct systematic issues. 

We know what we are. We know we aren't saving the world, but we want to use recycled materials to help us a tell a larger story about waste and educate people along the way. Especially to people that don't care (that much) about sustainability already. 

If that's you, sup? If we try to teach ya something along the way, just go with it. 

We're all shmucks that like to enjoy ourselves, and that's okay. Let's just try to clean up after ourselves, it's what adults do (ALLEGEDLY).

So let's keep it fun, and let's keep it funky. 

Trashfully yours,


    If ya care what the process looks like to turn recycled bottles into swim trunks...here ya go:

    Plastic Bottle recycled to create swim trunks